When I was first dipping my toes into the world of product management I remember my PM coach, Kate, telling me that I didn’t need to be technical to do the job, but that it would help if I was.

Below is the rollercoaster of thoughts/questions my brain went through:


If it helps, shouldn’t I learn how to be technical?

I want to be a good PM one day, so I need to learn this.

What does “being technical” even mean?

Oh my God… I have to sign up for Code Academy, don’t I?

She talked me off the…

As we begin to wrap up this year, I’m sitting in my apartment reflecting on how insane 2020 was.

In my old life, I was managing corporate events with clients that spared no expense at enhancing an attendee’s experience. It was so cool and seemed to be bulletproof in terms of job security. Sadly that wasn’t the case in the event of a global pandemic, and along with many other hospitality professionals around the world, I lost my job and am in the process of jumping industries to find a new one.

The last several months have been incredibly scary so here are 10 things 2020 has taught me:

1.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you…

Rawan Serna

Junior Product Manager @ Visiting Media | CSM | https://rawanserna.com

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